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BISD Transforms School Bathrooms to Affirm Students

Research says there are four dimensions of School Climate:

#1 – Safety

#2 – Teaching and Learning

#3 – Interpersonal Relationships

#4 – Institutional Environment (Source: The 12 Dimensions of School Climate Measured by Center for Social and Emotional Education)

At Bartlett ISD we began last year working diligently on improving our culture and climate. Great strides were made in the 2017 – 18 school year as affirmed by the end of the year surveys. In 42 our of 46 categories our ratings were in the top two tier options. However, to achieve the levels of greatness that our students, parents, teachers, staff and community deserve we are constantly reviewing and setting goals to improve our culture and climate.

For the 2018 – 19 School Year several strategic steps have been taken to keep moving our school district from Good to Great when it comes to culture and climate.

#1  - Safety Dimension and Teaching & Learning Dimension: Incorporating Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies (PBIS) committee on campus to assure our approach to discipline is positive in nature.

#2 – Teaching & Learning Dimension: Creating safe classroom environments where students will take chances, be willing to share ideas, and extend their learnings.

#3 – Institutional Environment Dimension: Update, clean and improve our facilitates to assure they are inviting for all our students and affirming to student success and learning.

#4 – Interpersonal Relationships Dimension: Improve our communication for staff, parents and community.

These are our overarching goals because we know that students that are happy, safe and comfortable in their setting have a greater propensity to engage in the learning process.

We are excited to share with the community pictures of our updates that we have made in addressing the institutional environment. We began a renovation project of our bathrooms to affirm our students and reinforce our messages of affirmation. We want to make sure that the bulldogs know that they matter, they can be successful and we are here to support them achieving their academic goals.

Many thanks to the ladies (Barbara, Christi, Lindsey, Amber, Nanette & Lisa) that donated their time, talents and all the resources to bring these beautiful messages to life for our Bartlett Bulldogs.

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Williamson County and Cities Health District will be hosting Saturday  vaccination/health fair at the Round Rock Public Health Center on August 18 from 10am - 2 pm.
For more information and a voucher please see the School Nurse Amber Pacha.

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