Janet Walker

Dear Families and Students:

My dear students,  I miss y’all so much and wish we were back at school in class learning!  I hope y’all are safe, healthy and happy along with enjoying this time with your families.  We are working on putting together some different ways of learning and fun activities for you to complete at home!  It’s exciting to try teaching and learning in a new cool way! I am putting together a list of some websites that students can access from home with assignments to work on.  I am also working on paper packets for students to work on while at home. Be on the lookout for more information to follow. Education will continue during this time. We are family here at Bartlett ISD and in our Bartlett community, so let’s continue to work together to support our kids learning adventures!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me on Dojo or through email: jwalker@bartlett.txed.net. I'm available daily from 7:30am-4:00pm Monday-Friday. I will be sending out information for class activities and student assignments through Class Dojo. Please check there for messages from me!

Please remember to check our school website for any updates. Stay safe, healthy, and happy!


Ms. Walker

Estimadas familias y estudiantes:

Mis queridos estudiantes, ¡los extraño mucho y deseo que volvamos a la escuela en el aprendizaje de la clase! Espero que estén seguros, sanos y felices, además de disfrutar este tiempo con sus familias. ¡Estamos trabajando para reunir algunas formas diferentes de aprendizaje y actividades divertidas para que completes en casa! ¡Es emocionante intentar enseñar y aprender de una manera nueva y genial! Estoy compilando una lista de algunos sitios web a los que los estudiantes pueden acceder desde casa con tareas para trabajar. También estoy trabajando en paquetes de papel para que los estudiantes trabajen mientras están en casa. Esté atento a más información para seguir. La educación continuará durante este tiempo. Somos una familia aquí en Bartlett ISD y en nuestra comunidad de Bartlett, ¡así que continuemos trabajando juntos para apoyar a nuestros niños aprendiendo aventuras! Si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud, comuníquese conmigo en Dojo o por correo electrónico:  jwalker@bartlett.txed.net. Enviaré información para las actividades de clase y las tareas de los estudiantes a través de Class Dojo. ¡Por favor revise allí si hay mensajes míos!

Recuerde consultar el sitio web de nuestra escuela para obtener actualizaciones.

¡Manténgase seguro, saludable y feliz!


Sra. Walker ******

For Starters:  Your child is encouraged to use  IStation for practicing math and reading.  

 Students have used this at school.  https://www.istation.com/

username: first name and first letter of last name Password: school ID number 

If you don’t have access to a computer or device, please let me know.

Epic Books- Students can read books online at this site and students have used this at school,  https://www.getepic.com/

Click login, choose students and educators and use class code:  rtt4875. Epic is available from 6:30am-4:00pm.


  • Read books with your child and have them read to you.

    • Ask questions about the setting (where does the story take place)

    • Ask questions about characters (who are the characters)

  • What is the main idea of the story? What is the story about? 


  • counting to 120 by one’s, 5’s, 10’s

    • Count a variety of items around the house

    • Sort items into different groups by size, color and discuss how they sorted them 

  • Picking a number students telling the number that is one less, one more, 10 less or 10 more

  • Telling time to hour, and half hour

    • Hour hand is short, minute is the long hand

    • When minute hand is pointing to 12 that we say o’clock

    • When minute hand is pointing to 6 it's half past the hour

  • Adding/Subtracting- make flashcards review them daily, give your child addition/subtraction facts to write down and answer


  • Discuss with your child states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) 

  • Finding different things around the house and discuss the way the move (straight path, curved path) examples to help discuss- cars-straight, roller coasters-curved, ferris wheels-round and round

Hello My Name Is...
Janet Walker


 Welcome to First Grade!!

My name is Janet Walker.  I’m really excited about teaching your little bulldogs this year, so I wanted to give you some background information about myself. 

I have lived in Bartlett my whole life.  I also attended Bartlett schools from kindergarten through 12th grade.  I was Salutatorian of my graduating class.  I attended Temple Junior College and received a certificate in data processing.  A few years later I returned to Temple College and earned an Associate’s Degree.  Then, I transferred to Tarleton University where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in teaching.  I’ve been with Bartlett ISD for twenty-five years.  I taught first grade for sixteen years and  I taught fourth grade last year!  I'm excited to be teaching in first grade this year!

I’m blessed with my amazing son Luke, who is a seventh grader at Bartlett.

In first grade this year, we will be teaching at a higher level of thinking and processing.  In Reading, we will be learning reading strategies and inferencing skills.  In Math, we will be using an interactive notebooks and math manipulatives for a hands on approach for solving math problems.

If you need to contact me for any reason or have a question, please call me at 254-527-3353x212.  My conference period is 8:50-9:30 daily.

Sincerely yours,


Janet Walker


My conference period is 8:50-9:30 daily.

Mrs. Walker's First Grade Class Schedule 2019-2020