Monica Hauk

Attention: Students and Parents

I have create a page for each of my classes, the links for those pages are on the left side.  You will find information and updates for our online learning platform.  On this page you will find the code for Remind, which each student will need to join.

We will be having Google hangout session on Mondays at your scheduled class time. Please check your class page for more information.

During the online learning there will be a mixture of iCEV and Microsoft Office Suite Word and Excel. 

I will be posting assignments on Google classroom each week and the date the assignments are due. If you are having trouble or something comes up please let me know via email. 

Please check your school email for invites to the Google Hangouts session which will happen on Mondays during our scheduled class times.  During this time we will have class discussions and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

My email is: