Chemistry 4th

Welcome to Chemistry!

This page is meant to help you stay up to date with the weekly assignments and expectations. Below you will see the Chemistry Year at a Glance that lists the units and the sequence in which the material will be covered over the school year. Each unit is given a suggested number of days to spend on the material as we prepare for the summative unit assessment.  We will strive to stay very close to this schedule.    

Below the Year at a Glance, you will find a calendar that will contain information that will be updated weekly pertaining to the current unit.

Below the Calendar, you will find a set of tabs that are useful in helping to become familiar with the material that will be covered in the current unit.  Included is a unit overview, unit vocabulary and rubric(s) for the performance assessments that will be the focus of the unit.  If you have any questions regarding the material or how the information is laid out on this page, please feel free to contact me.  
First Semester Second Semester
1st Nine Weeks 3rd Nine Weeks
Unit 01: Laboratory Management (3 days for the entire unit)

Unit 02: Matter (9 days for the entire unit)

Unit 03: Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table (13 days for the entire unit)

Unit 04: Chemical Bonding (13 days for the entire unit)

Unit 08: Stoichiometry (12 days for the entire unit)

Unit 09: Gases (13 days for the entire unit)

Unit 10: Solutions (12 days for the entire unit)

2nd Nine Weeks 4th Nine Weeks
Unit 05: Chemical Formulas (12 days for the entire unit)

Unit 06: Mole Concept (13 days for the entire unit)

Unit 07: Chemical Equations and Reactions (Part I) (12 days for the entire unit)

Unit 10: Solutions (continued)

Unit 11: Acids, Bases, and Reactions (Part II) (8 days for the entire unit)

Unit 12: Thermochemistry (12 days for the entire unit)

Unit 13: Nuclear Chemistry (5 days for the entire unit)

Unit 14: Chemistry Connections (10 days for the entire unit)

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