First Grade News

For the week of October 9th - 13th
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We will continue learning the sounds sh, ch, th, wh, and ck. We will also continue working on writing sentences (what a sentence starts and ends with, spacing between words, left to right, forming letters correctly, and spelling the words correctly). Our sight words this week are we, he, she, be, me, for, and or.

We will be reading The story "Jack and the Wolf".  We will be learning what lessons you can learn from story characters. We will also be working on writing complete sentences and creating our own fairy tales.

We will be learning about fact families (example: 2+4=6, 4+2=6, 6-2=4, 6-4=2).  We'll also be practicing counting to 120 by ones, fives, and tens, counting by 2's, learning what odd and even numbers are, what one more, one less, ten more and ten less of a number is, and place value of a number.

Social Studies
We will be learning "what is history" and who Christopher Columbus was.