Lucy Martinez

Hello My Name Is...

Lucy Martinez

Bartlett ISD 2nd Grade teacher

Room 211
phone number: 254-527-3351

 Hi My Friends and Families, 

 I hope you are making the best of being at home with your loved ones! I am ready to continue where we left off! Some things may be a little different, but do not hesitate to ask me any questions! I am here to continue supporting you and we will get through this together! I will be using Dojo to communicate with you and your parents.  I will be sending messages and things for you to do each day so we can keep those smart brains soaking up 2nd grade information.  We will start on these messages on Wednesday, March 18th. Please find time to do this work. Your parents can help you with the work, but I want you to do it!  We will do our Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies during the week. I will give you expectations for each assignment and how to send your work back to me through Dojo!  This is new to me as it will be for you and your parents, but it will be fun!!!!

I will be sending your Reading text, Math text, and Science text next Tuesday.  Parents can pick this up during the hours of food pickup at the cafeteria on Tuesday, March 24th.   I will assign work from these texts while we are out of school.  

Also in the bags will be Sight Words that you will need to go over with your parents.  Just do 2 pages at a time over and over. Also I will be sending your cursive folders with the rest of the Capital Letters to practice and write. Remember that we do 4 letters a week, but if you want to do more that will be good practice. 

Please keep up with your textbooks and cursive folder so you can bring them back when we return to school.  We also have a link to iStation for students to use during this time. Students know their user name and password. I will post the link again in Dojo.

Student instructions:
1. Open ClassDojo app or website:
2. Click "Enter Text Code", OR tap "I'm a student" on the app
3. Enter the text code to sign in

Instrucciones para estudiantes:
1. Abre la aplicacion ClassDojo o la pagina
2. Haz click a "enter text code" o a "Soy un estudiante"
3. Pon el codigo de abajo para entrar a la aplicacion


Also the school has sent out an information page for parents to fill out.   If you have questions, please Dojo me or email me at  I will check my accounts around  8:00 am, 10:am, 2 pm, and 4pm. 

I miss seeing your faces everyday! 

Remember, you are in training for 3rd grade!!!!!!

Ms. Lucy