Jeff Wright

Hello Student's and Parents
My name is Jeff Wright 
I can be reached at
I'll be happy to talk with you about any concerns you may have as we move forward with a consistent online learning experience.

Dear Students

You are living in a unique time.  Please take note of all the things you are learning, especially all those things that have nothing to do with your formal  education. It has been many years since the United States was hit by a pandemic, which basically means a global epidemic, or a global illness.  This will be a unique time in your life and one you will be telling stories of when you are far older than I am. Pay close attention to every detail, how life changed, how the  way we do things has changed, how it changes the daily life of your family and loved ones. For me, just look, I’m sitting in my living room teaching class. You don’t have to leave your house  to go to school, and all of this….just over spring break. Don’t let the fear ruin this opportunity to learn, there is so much to be learned at this time.  

Quite simply I will post assignments on Google Classroom every Monday, Wed, and Friday.  Whatever is assigned must be turned in prior to the next assignment day. Questions or concerns may be posted in the comment section on each assignment.  Only questions and concerns, it is not for chat purposes. Every student must comment on the assignment once it is compete for attendance purposes. I will call parents to relay any assignments not completed each week. Assignments have been shortened to allow each of you time to care for family matters, but still contain all of the essential elements required to complete grade level.

I will hold regular office hours everyday and can be reached via email to discuss any problems or concerns you may have between the hours of 9:00 and 3:00.  

Be safe 
I love you all